Are you monitoring?

See what Iranians are saying about you and your competitors

What can you monitor?

You can use Netbina Telescope to keep track of Persian keywords related to your brand, products, campaigns, industry, consumer trends, competitors and any other topic of interest. These keywords will be monitored on Instagram, Twitter, Aparat, major websites and prominent Telegram channels and supergroups.


+50,000 Channels & 3000 Main Supergroups


+30,000 Websites Includes Newspapers, Magazines, blogs


We never miss a tweet


Instagram posts via hashtag and influencers


Aparat Videos & Live sessions


Instagram comments, Aparat comments, Digikala comments

Take control of your brand

Find out which organizations and people have the greatest impact on your brand perception. Shape the conversation and engage with key influencers in the most efficient manner.

Optimize marketing expenditure

See where you need to spend more on communication and where you can spend less. Use telescope to analyze your digital footprint and its effectiveness. Benchmark with competitors and make your investment count.

Keep in touch with current trends

Spot the most trending keywords related to your brand and industry, and take action to stay in tune with current market dynamics. What is most important for your audience right now? What insights can you gain?

Stay on top of the competition

Find out what your competitors are up to. What campaigns they are running? In which media channels do they have the largest share of voice? What is the trend of their brand or product sentiment? Gain key insights to shape your competitor strategy.

Netbina Telescope Roadmap

We are making sure to add more awesome features and functionalities. Stay tuned!

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